Wisdom is a woman, 9789075240009
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Wisdom is a woman

Mieke Mosmuller

‘Is there a concept that is more difficult to describe than love? To find an answer to the question: ‘What is love?’ is as difficult as answering the question: ‘Who actually is it, whom I refer to as I?’

Love and the I... These are the most important values in life. The one originates from the other but they are still in contradiction with each other.
True love makes one forget one's own I, yet love streams from the I. Does love exist, or is it in essence always self-love? read more

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Occident Publishers was founded in 1994 in The Hague, to publish the writings of Mieke Mosmuller. The theme is the spiritualizing of thinking, through the active forming of concepts. Man has the freedom to give direction to the course of his thoughts and with that as well, to the course of his own actions. By bringing willpower into thinking, man becomes able to live creatively and finds the way to spiritual insight. The shape that life then takes lies completely beyond necessity.

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