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  • Inferno

    Inferno, 9789075240597

    Gerrit, a proud handsome Dutch fifty-five-year-old, who has made something of himself, meets the twenty-five-year-old Italian doctor Beato, who manages to cause his whole carefully constructed façade to come tumbling down. Inferno tells the story of how inner balance can destroy evil....

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  • The art of thinking

    The art of thinking, 9789075240481

    For most people Intelligence is a beloved talent, a capacity to be proud of. At school it is one of the first things to be examined. There are diverse tests to measure the IQ quantitatively. Besides, human intelligence is the example for artificial intelligence. However......

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  • Wisdom is a woman

    Wisdom is a woman, 9789075240009

    ‘Is there a concept that is more difficult to describe than love? To find an answer to the question: ‘What is love?’ is as difficult as answering the question: ‘Who actually is it, whom I refer to as I?’ Love and the I... These are the most important values in life. The one originates from the other but they are s...

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  • The living Rudolf Steiner. Apologia

    The living Rudolf Steiner. Apologia, 9789075240337

    ‘If Rudolf Steiner had only been a thinker, his thoughts and ideas could have been criticized with intellectual thinking. However, if he was an initiate, a ‘supra-intellectual’ thinking, a pure thinking would be required, and only through this could his statements be differentiated and tested....

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  • Seek the Light that Rises in the West

    Seek the Light that Rises in the West, 9789075240276

    Fear, doubt, insecurity, illness, loneliness, death... These are difficulties in every human life, from which one cannot escape in any way, and for which no worldview, science, nor social life seems to be able to give comfort anymore....

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Occident Publishers was founded in 1994 in The Hague, to publish the writings of Mieke Mosmuller. The theme is the spiritualizing of thinking, through the active forming of concepts. The human being has the freedom to give direction to the course of his thoughts and with that as well, to the course of his own actions. By bringing willpower into thinking, the human being becomes able to live creatively and finds the way to spiritual insight. The shape that life then takes lies completely beyond necessity.


Mieke Mosmuller Youtube

Mieke Mosmuller Youtube

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